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Police Polygraph

Certification Course


Course Duration: 400 hours (10 weeks in-residence)

Course Description:

This comprehensive curriculum is approved by the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP) and IPP is proud to be an AAPP recognized polygraph school. The program and curriculum are also fully recognized and approved by the National Sheriffs' Association, the National Command and Staff College,* and the Justice Clearinghouse*.

The course is designed for new (or soon to be new) polygraphers with no prior experience in the field. The curriculum meets or exceeds established guidelines for basic polygraph certification and licensing in most states. But please check with your local regulations to be sure this course meets the certification requirements, if any, for polygraph licensing in your home state.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a dual certification course. Graduates will be certified as a Police Polygraphist as well as a Certified Interviewer in the Inductive Interview System.

Although the course content is geared toward the law enforcement polygrapher, and IPP's primary instructors are seasoned police polygraphists, private examiners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Experienced polygraphers are also encouraged to audit segments of the training as approved by the Program Director. Contact IPP directly for inquiries related to auditing course sessions.

Course Topics:

PPC-101 Law and Human Rights: 8 hours

PPC-102 Ethics and Standards of Practice: 4 hours

PPC-103 History and Evolution of PDD: 8 hours

PPC-104 Scientific Testing: 8 hours

PPC-105 Mechanics of Instrument Operation: 16 hours

PPC-106 Polygraph Techniques: 40 hours

PPC-107 Pre-Test Interview: 32 hours

PPC-108 Post-Test Interview: 8 hours

PPC-109 Psychology: 20 hours

PPC-110 Physiology: 20 hours

PPC-111 Test Question Construction: 32 hours

PPC-112 Test Data Analysis: 40 hours

PPC-113 Countermeasures: 8 hours

PPC-114 Information and Results Reporting: 2 hours

PPC-115 Practical Application / Polygraph Lab: 80 hours

PPC-116 Electives: 74 hours

*NOTE: The National Command and Staff College is the Center for Excellence and primary leadership training provider for both the National Sheriffs' Association and the National Tactical Officers Association. The Justice Clearinghouse is an industry leader in providing online training content to a community of over 325,000 justice sector professionals.

This course is available by contract. Contact IPP at or 843 200-0800 if you are interested in bringing the course to your area.