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Polygraph for Internal Affairs Certification


Course Duration: 40 hours

Course Description:

In an era of increased public scrutiny and demands for accountability, polygraph examiners are frequently called upon to conduct tests related to Internal Affairs and Professional Standards. Exams conducted pursuant to these investigations present unique challenges to the police polygraphist. This course is designed for examiners who wish to expand their professional knowledge and expertise in this specialized field of polygraphy.

Course Topics:
Polygraph Techniques for IA Investigations
In keeping with the latest research and validity testing, this course will explore recommended testing formats for both diagnostic and multi-issue screening tests as they apply to Internal Affairs testing.

Mind Maps and Inverse Mind Maps

The use of mind maps (or route maps) is a valuable technique during pre-test interviews and test question review when introducing the relevant questions. IPP will present mind maps specifically designed for use in Internal Affairs testing, but also introduce students to the technique of "inverse mind mapping" when introducing the comparison questions.

Constitutional Issues 
Legal issues as dictated by the courts often involve "Garritty" and "Miranda" warnings. Polygraphers engaged in I/A testing must be familiar with their use and implications.

Inductive Interview System
Participants will be exposed to a non-linear, non-confrontational approach to forensic interviewing, known as the Inductive Interview System, as it specifically applies to I/A investigations.

Issues with Statement Verification Tests
Statement verification tests are often used in Internal Affairs testing. However, research shows them to be much less effective than other testing formats and may result in a high false-positive rate. The course will explore the reasons that statement verification tests are no longer recommended and present alternative test question construction.

Testing Victims and Witnesses
In addition to testing potentially offending officers, Internal Affairs polygraphists are often called upon to test victims and witnesses of alleged police misconduct. Specific issues relating to the challenges of test question construction will be explored, including use of "yes" questions.

Statement Analysis

Written statements often provide clues to deception and offer valuable intel for the polygrapher in advance of the test. Word cues and grammar choices that give the polyrapher needed insight will be presented and explored.

ESS-M Test Data Analysis
The Empirical Scoring System - Multinomial has distinguished itself as the most reliable, and easiest to use, of the various polygraph scoring systems. Scoring protocols and feature extraction, including Respiration Line Excursion and Vasomotor Measurement, will be covered.

Psychopathology of Deviant Officers
Renegade officers present unique challenges to law enforcement administrators, internal affairs investigators, and police polygraphists. Participants with be trained to understand and recognize signs of deviant psychopathology as it applies to law enforcement officers. 
Case Studies

A number of I/A Testing case studies will be presented regarding Statement Analysis, Countermeasure Detection, Forensic Interviewing, and Test Data Analysis.

The Institute of Police Polygraphy is officially recognized and approved by the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP). This program and its curriculum are also fully recognized and approved by the National Sheriffs' Association, the National Command and Staff College,* and the Justice Clearinghouse

NOTE: Course topics are subject to change based on instructor availability.

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